The Ramsey Show (November 11, 2021)

Promissory Note Investing – Being Successful Vs Being Road Kill

Understanding Basic Valuation Rules and Concepts. Should an investor understand the valuation process? What are the key investing concepts and rules to follow? Why are promissory notes discounted in value?

Have You Ever Wondered Exactly Who Benefits From Inflation?

Whenever someone is profiting from inflation, then someone else becomes a victim of it. The victims of inflation are the few savers in our society, investors in bonds (retirement funds), and people with a fixed income.

Promissory Note Collection Tips – How to Collect Money and Keep the Relationship Friendly

Key tools for successful promissory note collections. Money will come when you are doing the right thing. Lending money can become personal. Educate your borrowers. Treat all people with respect. Be Polite.

Avoiding Value Traps – Promissory Note Investing – The Key to Investment Success

Investing is seeking value that justifies the amount paid; just being cheap is not enough. “Bottom fishing”, “Fire sale”, and “Undervalued” are exciting terms that can be bait. Cheapness” by itself does not make an investment good. Not recognizing or not understanding the asset is a value destroyer.

Planning for Surprises

Financial surprises happen all the time. But a major financial surprise during or near retirement can have severe consequences.

Promissory Note “Fair Market Value” For Estate And Gift Tax

Valuation discounts. Causes. Results. Planning. What does “Fair Market Value” mean? Willing buyer/willing seller test. What you see is not always what your get! Competent appraiser is key.

Annuity Holders Pick Up The Tab

Variable annuities are contracts between annuity holders and insurance companies. Now many variable annuities have become a zero-sum game, pitting contract holders and insurance companies against one another.

Annuities for Senior Planners

Annuities are certain sums of money paid out to a recipient. This money can be paid out either once per year of once per month. Annuity’s supply a source of income that can supplement other retirement incomes like pensions. Annuities come in several different types, each offering its own benefits and drawbacks. The information in the following paragraphs will help you in choosing the annuity best suited for your needs.

Ways to Check Benefits for Social Security

Benefits for Social Security are an important part of any retirement plan. Your Social Security benefits can add to your income and help you either pay bills or travel. You should always know every aspect of your Social Security file so you will know that all the work you have done is credited. If you find anything wrong, you should take care of it immediately. Doing this will save you time later and a lot of headaches. Checking your Social Security once a year should be a priority. However, many do not because they do not know how, but if you continue to read, you will find out.

Five Reasons Why Davao City in the Philippines Is a Nice Place to Retire

There is a growing trend of people seeking to spend their retirement abroad. The reasons for this trend are diverse. Part of the allure is monetary when the living costs are cheaper but there are others too. There are some very attractive reasons why you might want to retire in Davao City.

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