The Ramsey Show (November 15, 2021)

Non-Traded Financial Assets – Illiquid, Non-Traditional, Alternative Investments

These Hard-to-Value Assets Require Individual Appraisals. What is a unique, illiquid, non-traditional financial asset? Real Estate Mortgage Loans and Promissory Notes as Financial Investments. Why are these non-traditional assets difficult to value? Appraising, valuing and managing real estate promissory notes.

Your Retirement Accounts Will Not Manage Themselves!

Too many people are not managing their retirement accounts. Do not make this mistake!

Promissory Note Frauds, Schemes and RedFlags

Beware Investors. Promissory Notes Can Trick You. What is a promissory note? Background information. Dealing with the investing decision. Understanding the borrower. Red flags for fraudulent notes.

Social Security – A Big Help for Retiree

The earlier you retire, the longer you are likely to live. While you need a significant amount of reserves in order to cover your annual expenses, Social Security can be a big help. Depending on your age, you can collect partial or full benefits.

More Life at the End of Your Money

One of the marvels of the twenty-first century is the ability of the medical world to prolong human life. It’s been said that if we were to apply what we currently know about medicine and human anatomy, the average person could live to be 115 to 120 years old.

Promissory Note Appraisal, Valuation and Discount Fables

Why is note valuation complex? What are the competing financial factors that influence investing decisions? Discount Rate Calculation. Determining the proper yield is the job of an experience, qualified specialist in the field.

Investment Fraud: 5 Schemes to Watch For As You Near Retirement

You’ve been saving all your working life for retirement, and you’re almost there! While you may think that your financial security is settled, you need to be on the lookout for fraudulent investors who target working-age individuals close to retirement. Your accumulated savings and your desire to be done with work sooner than later makes you both financially rewarding and emotionally vulnerable to predatory investors.

Promissory Note Values Are Destroyed by Sloppy Creation and Poor Record Keeping

Financial Chemistry-Turning Money into Manure. What causes a note to be discounted and devalued? Flaws in creating the note or the mortgage. Flaws in the record keeping. How to avoid devaluing and discounting a promissory note investment.

Concentrated Positions Are Not Evil

Diversification preserves wealth and concentration creates wealth. These are two different Investment Principles I have always quoted and often paired.

What Is a Convertible Promissory Note? What Is Convertible Debt?

What are the Risks and Rewards of Investing in Convertible Promissory Notes? What is a basic promissory note? What is a convertible note? What are the risks and benefits of investing in convertible promissory notes?

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