The Ramsey Show (November 17, 2021)

Get Paid In Retirement

Perhaps you’re confused with all of the complicated information about about saving and investing for retirement. Here’s a simple way to understand how to build your future paychecks for your retirement. And you get raises too.

How Will You Define Retirement?

How will you define your retirement? As traditional retirements become a thing of the past, what group within the “New Retirement” are you prepared to be a part of?

Protecting Against Uncertainty

I don’t think today’s investor distrusts the market, they simply don’t like the unpredictability that comes with it. Why should they? These investors have already been exposed to the most volatile decade on record, watching their portfolio fluctuate like a roller coaster the past few years.

Promissory Note Investing – Appraising the Risks

A promissory note is a form of debt; it is similar to a loan or an IOU. A person or company needing money may issue a promissory note to an investor in exchange for money. The investor agrees to loan money to the person or company for a set period of time, at a specified rate of interest, with set repayment terms and conditions spelled out in the note document.

Investing in Non-Traditional Assets – What Is the Value of My Promissory Note?

Investing in Non-Traditional Assets—What is the Value of my Promissory Note? Fair Market Value (FMV) Compared to Net Asset Value (NAV). Non-Traditional Assets or Alternative Assets. Advantages and Disadvantages.

Why You Should Consider IRA Approved Precious Metals, When Social Security Could Fail

Why are millionaires constantly investing in Gold? Why you should Consider investing in gold. Did you know most millionaires have a precious metals IRA? However you don’t have to be rich to invest in precious metals. Learn how gold could secure your financial future and or retirement. Social Security is not completely yours.

Illiquid Assets – Donating and Appraising Promissory Notes, A Tax-Efficient Plan

Get a Tax Deduction for Donating a Non-Cash Asset-Promissory Note Donations – Illiquid Financial Asset – A financial asset that is difficult to sell because of its expense, lack of interested buyers, or some other reason is called “illiquid”.

The Search for Investment Income

One of the challenges for today’s retiree is finding suitable fixed income instruments that pay a decent yield and avoid the roller coaster ride of today’s financial markets. Gone are the days where a money market paid 2 or 3 percent and a CD could be found paying a very satisfactory 4 or 5 percent.

Avoid Losses – Learn the Meaning of Key Investing Words

Not Understanding Promissory Note Language Causes Losses. Unfamiliar Words Cause Discomfort and Anxiety. Key Concepts. Key Words.

Promissory Note Appraisal – Eight Valuation Puzzles and Solutions

What is the Fair Market Value of the Note? No Valuation Formula or Rule of Thumb Exists. Why would anyone do a big, important transactions based on guesswork and hunches?

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