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Market Trend Investment Strategy Following Helps You to Plan Your Earlier Retirement

There are many good arguments as to how a market trend investment strategy will help you plan your retirement earlier. As can see, market trend following gives investors the opportunity to make money with very little risk involved, to use a strategy that can be used long-term to their best interests, and that can give individuals control over portfolios that depend on their own ability. If putting aside money for early retirement is something you are considering, a market investment strategy may be your answer.

Why Do Many People Move From The UK To Spain

Spain has become the top destination for many expatriates. In fact, it’s a paradise for those who aim to live and retire abroad.

Promissory Note Appraisal – Avoid Disasters and Pain

Four Valuation and Appraisal Warnings and Red Flags. Investing skills will avoid financial pain. Long-term loans can be dangerous-“duration risk”. Payment amount too small or too infrequent reduce cash flow. Not having a “Loan Payment Record” can cause mistrust, disputes and loss of value. Poor, unclear or contradictory language in the lone document causes litigation.

Huge Returns On Small Investments

Right from the old days, investing has meant planning and saving for the future. Whereas for a privileged few, a lack of success may not have seemed like a world about to end, for others it spelled doom and disaster. The hopes and aspirations of millions of people around the world are tied up in their investments. It may mean different things to different people but for the average person it means a college education for a child, a small home for retirement and a comfortable allowance to survive on.

A Shocking Fact – A Single Promissory Note Has Multiple Values

Appraising a Single Note Using Different Types of Appraisals Produces Different Values. Here is a list of the most popular types of values:

What to Do When You Are Close to Retirement?

As your retirement is approaching, your financial life has to be in order if you want to enjoy in peace your senior years. There are several things which every person who is close to retiring should take care of. It is always a good idea to think ahead!

Note As Collateral

A note can be used as collateral to purchase something else or you can sell the loan at face value or at a discount, or even option a portion of the note to someone else. With the $100,000 note in hand you can borrow against the note to lend again, for a lessor amount but the note is an instrument of collateral. Often times, the investor, the lender has created a note for, will refinance the project with conventional lending after the maturity of the loan to pay off the private lender. Then the private lender can sell the note as a non-performing asset or do a foreclosure, whichever suits the lenders preference for a return on investment.

OFFSHORE INVESTING: Moving Assets to Protect Your Portfolio

As a recent retiree, I am increasingly concerned about the fiscal and monetary course upon which the United States is embarked. I fear that we might soon begin to see a great unraveling of the things we hold most dear. Because of my fears, I have devoted time recently to exploring strategies which might be useful in protecting against a domestic financial disaster, and I would like to share some ideas with you.

Investing in Platinum Coins to Solidify Your Retirement Fund

Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world. Although it can sometimes be mistaken for silver because of its physical appearance, its unique qualities and the fact that is it extremely hard to find sets it apart. It is said that to date, the volume of mined platinum metals can only fit inside a small living room.

Promissory Note Appraisal – The Challenge of Illiquidity

Solving the Valuation Puzzle that Illiquidity Creates. What is Illiquidity? What is Marketability? What is the Challenge of Illiquid Assets? How is an Illiquid Financial Asset Valued?

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