The Ramsey Show (October 1, 2021)

Pension Funds Being Told To Invest In Climate Friendly Stocks?

Why does our government work so hard to undermine free markets to propel a global leftist socialist agenda? We all know that the United Nations – International Panel on Climate Change has factions within it that actually believe that capitalism is to blame for global warming (a theory that mankind’s CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic warming of our planet) because capitalism creates abundance and thus uses up too many resources and is responsible for our Earth’s current warming trend that has been going on for 10,000 years. Amazing the nonsense this group comes up with.

INVEST & PROSPER: Risk and Diversification

Terrorism, economic woes and media panic lead to roller coaster markets. Even when the markets recover you can be sure there is another down turn waiting in the wings. So how do you set up your portfolio in a way that will help you reduce the risk and weather the storms?

Plan for Your Retirement With the National Pension System

Retirement might seem really far away, but if you begin proper planning and investment now, you can ensure that you have a comfortable and luxurious life post retirement. While most people in their 20s or early 30s are not thinking of long term plans and goals, investing from that age ensures bigger returns post retirement.

Saving Money on Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Healthcare expenses in retirement is a growing concern for retirees. The increasing costs of healthcare and the inflation factor that goes along with it creates a growing need for advanced planning related to preparing for these costs. Currently Medicare Part B inflation is running around 8% and Part D around 7%.

Unique Businesses to Retire Into When You’re Old

Are you thinking of a safe business to invest a little capital and retire in to? Make wealth like an African King? I found out this truth after a ten year research on Business opportunities in African economies

Will This Election Set Back Your Financial Timeline?

Historically speaking, most presidential elections have resulted in market downturns, especially when a lame duck congress is present. If you don’t believe that the market will feel the pain for a couple of months prior to the election in November, I suggest you take a second look.

How Brokers May Spin New Fiduciary Rules

Brokers did not welcome new rules imposing fiduciary standards. But they may spin the changes as their own good idea.

A Higher Standard For Retirement Accounts

New rules require brokers to act as fiduciaries when serving retirement accounts. The mandate is likely to expand.

How to Become Your Own Banker

Here are four ways Universal Life Insurance policies can be beneficial: Life Insurance Policies Build Cash Value – Cash value, unlike the death benefit, is one you can use while you’re alive to borrow against or to reduce premiums down the road. The cash value of a Universal Life policy accumulates at a tax advantage basis, which means the money you withdraw is not taxed until the amount you withdraw exceeds your bases (the amount you have already paid in.)

Pensioner Poverty – Can You Afford To Retire?

I know we keep banging on about this subject, but it just won’t go away. I have this uneasy feeling that when I’m done with my “day job” I’m not going to be able to afford to live on what I’ve earned or saved so far. So where does that leave me or the 13.4% of people aged 65+ in the UK and 21.5% if you are in the USA?… well in Poverty that’s where? So what are you and I going to do to avoid becoming a victim of Pensioner Poverty?

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