The Ramsey Show (October 11, 2021)

Pension Freedom – The 7 Things You Need to Know

Whether you are saving for your retirement, or about to retire, the recent changes will give you more freedom, choice and flexibility than ever before over how you access your pension savings. PENSION FREEDOM IS HERE: The power to do what you like with the money you’ve saved for your retirement – no laws forcing you to buy an annuity and no government telling you what you and can and can’t do with your hard-earned cash. If you want to blow the lot on a sports car, the pension’s minister is quoted as saying “you’re more…

Retirement Plan Options For The Self-Employed

Self-employed individuals have to juggle the many responsibilities that come with being their own bosses. Planning for retirement can get lost in the shuffle.

A Crisis for Women – Retirement Savings

I read a terrifying article about the retirement savings crisis and how it will affect women, especially. As a woman who is 48, this caught my attention! Did you know?

A Promissory Note Trap-Lending Without Understanding Is Costly

The widow, Paula Raymond, was 84 years old and feeling the effects of aging. She decided to gift it to her only grandson, Jack, who was 22 years old. He obtained construction bids from three reputable contractors and accepted a $75,000 bid. Title Problems are Discovered. Title Problems are Dealt With.

The Unexpected Reason You Need Asset Protection

With the threat of wealth confiscation by the government, everyone needs an asset protection strategy. But now there’s a new reason to protect your assets: the rise of robots.

Is Your Home an Asset to Help Fund Retirement?

Your home can be more than a place to live – it’s one way you can strategically save for retirement. In some circumstances, a home can represent a significant asset. Over time, your home can build equity that may contribute to your long-term financial security.

A Promissory Note Catastrophe

The story. The sequence of events. The Promissory Note Questions. The answers

Can You Trust Your Financial Planner? Here’s How To Find Out!

Thinking about hiring a financial advisor or already working with one? You want to make rock-solid sure that the person is someone you can trust, who will nurture your hard-earned nest egg, treat it with respect and help it grow. Here are the guidelines to look for in making a smart decision.

9 Ways to Get Ahead in Retirement

Think your too young to think about retirement? Think again. The time is now to start saving or you could be the one left behind when you retire.

Retirement Planning: 50? It’s Not Too Late

50? It’s not too late to build up that retirement nest egg. You have options. Start now.

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