The Ramsey Show (October 14, 2021)

School of Hard Knocks

Learning by Experience is Tough and the Tuition is High – Being a beginner in any endeavor is always challenging. The beginning note investor has many important decisions to consider and evaluate. Investing in mortgage notes and promissory notes is profitable when done correctly. Learning to do it right, the first time, is safer and cheaper than learning by making your own mistakes. The school of hard knocks charges a high tuition.

Buy Term, Invest the Difference

You have to save in order to invest. While you are saving to invest you need to invest time in your financial education and be careful from whom you take advice. If you don’t you will eventually get hammered. I do not exclude myself from that warning. Seek the advice of competent tax professionals and counsel.

It Is Not What You Make That Counts, It Is What You Keep

This article focuses on the main issues that prevent high earning Americans from meeting their tax free income goals. Would you desire $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, or $100,000 a month tax free income? Understanding the issues and developing a plan are necessary items for you to meet your personal objective.

Options You Need to Consider Before Making An Irrevocable Pension Decision

So you are getting ready to take the gold watch & call it a day on the last forty years of your working life. On the way out the door, your employer dangles several appealing options regarding your pension benefit. Stop!

How Do I Create a Retirement Income Plan?

Setting up a proper income plan is a crucial financial tool to be used during and throughout retirement. Most people fail to consider 5 basic keys when structuring their retirement income.

Retirement Planning for 2015

Remove the Guesswork–Use Promissory Notes. Does Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Monthly Income Interest You? What is the Key Principle of Wealth Accumulation? What is the Rule of 72? What Investment Pays 7.0% to 9.0%? What is a Promissory Note? What is a Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred IRA Account?

How To Pick The Right Indexed Annuity

When it comes to lifetime income there are many options to consider within a fixed indexed annuity (FIA). Preferences may vary from hoping for upside market performance, to a more conservative approach with a fixed rate of return. It is important to assess each option to make sure you are picking the right FIA to meet your long term needs.

Retirement Planning With Mutual Funds

In India, most people retire between the ages of 58 and 65. Once retired however, people still need some sort of income to help them pay their bills and buy their staples. While most people invest some amount of money when they are still earning, the returns they get form these investments may not always be enough to get them through the rest of their days. Today, more and more emphasis is being put on investing as early as possible so that by the time a person has to retire they have more than enough money to survive. Fund houses are also starting schemes to help retired individuals with their finances.

Top Ten Ways to Grow Your Assets in 2015

With gas prices continuing to fall,consumers may be feeling bullish about their own personal finances,but stock market analysts like Goldman Sachs caution that professional investors may be “unduly bullish”. With stock market indexes in the U.S. declining the first week of our New Year, a top Connecticut stock market strategist believes stocks are overdue for a correction– when the market falls 10% or more.

Managing Your TSP Retirement

Managing a retirement account is often the last thing anyone thinks of doing. And for those with a government TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) it is probably even further down the list. Taking a few minutes a week or a month can mean the difference between enjoying retirement or being stressed out.

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