The Ramsey Show (October 19, 2021)

Index Funds – Why You Shouldn’t Follow The Herd

The investing herd loves index funds, but should, you? We’ll show you the common pitfalls of an index fund strategy and why you may want to find a better way to try and secure your financial future.

Attending the School of Hard Knocks

Learning by Experience can be Tough, and the Tuition is High – Being a beginner in any endeavor is always challenging. The beginning note investor has many important decisions to consider and evaluate. Investing in mortgage notes and promissory notes is profitable when done correctly. Learning to do it right, the first time, is safer and cheaper than learning by making your own mistakes. The school of hard knocks charges a high tuition.

Promissory Notes Investing-Superior Returns

Typical Investing Opportunities Pay Low Rates – The Federal Reserve has held interest rates down for several years. Most traditional invests-stocks, bonds and mutual funds– are paying 1.0% to 2.0% interest. To get higher returns non-traditional investing opportunities should be considered. For the small investor, mortgage notes and promissory notes are worthy of serious consideration; they can provide returns in the range of 6% to 10% with relative safety. They are available in various sizes and at various yields.

Traditional Retirement Planning – Pros/Cons

Traditional retirement planning involves a number of different investment and saving avenues that cater to different types of individuals with different long term goals. From social security benefits and 401(k) plans to government pension plans and real estate options, the ideas involved with planning for retirement can often be overbearing for a family.

How Lifetime Income Stemmed From Permanent Financial Changes

Through a combination of medical advancements and market turmoil from a deregulated financial system in the 1980’s, retirees started living longer than expected and financial hardships started taking place for big business. The combination of these events caused the pension to vanish, giving birth to the deferred compensation plan.

How to Go Broke During Retirement in 5 Easy Steps

The number one fear of most people, is running out of money during retirement. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING Professional, I have prepared hundreds of retirement plans over the years and in this article I will give you the top five reasons I see people fail during retirement.

Easy Ways To Avoid Decoys Used By Gold IRA Companies

Here’s the way precious metals IRA companies use decoys to draw you to their gold and silver products. To outsmart a thief, sometimes you have to think like a thief. Most thieves are in a hurry. They want to get in, find the loot fast, and get out as soon as they can.

Earn 6% to 8% Interest With Promissory Notes

Open Your Eyes to Higher Yields. A low interest environment. The difference between investing in publicly traded and privately traded assets. Liquidity. Diversification. Concentration. Talk to a promissory and mortgage note specialist. Compound Interest.

The Downfall of Retirement Planning

Why is it so hard to plan for retirement? The problem is people are not wired for long term planning or for the risks involved in retirement savings. They tend to be optimistic, but fail to plan for incidents that could happen in the future. For example, wining the lottery occupies a person’s mind, due to its positive effects on life, more than retirement preparation. As people age they increasingly push negative thoughts aside, and procrastination then becomes a problem, due to the illusion of more time in the future ahead.

Retirement Advice From Active Retirees

This article asks current active retirees what advice they would give to people who are about to retire. For most people retirement turns out to be different than they expected in many ways. Perhaps you can benefit from the advice of experienced retirees when you are planning your own retirement.

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