The Ramsey Show (October 20, 2021)

Mortgage and Note Investing: Always Compare Price to Value

Price is what you pay-Value is what you get. Many investors know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

How To Invest In Gold Revealed

A common question that many people who are planning their personal finance is “how to invest in gold”. There are a lot of doubts and queries as to how to do so in a safe manner. Generally speaking, gold is a safer and more stable option. Most people view equity markets as volatile and hence gold is somewhat considered a lot safer to invest in.

Bitcoin Pays a Mortgage

For the last 40 years, the government and those in charge of Wall Street have been rigging the game against all the rest of us, killing the American Dream. Bitcoin stands poised to return financial control to the average guy.

Understanding Promissory Notes and Mortgage Notes

Profitable Investing Using Basic Investing Tools. What is the best investment? What basic factors should be understood? Borrower-Due Diligence. The Loan Terms. The Promissory Note. Does the Transaction Fit Your Investment Personality and Goals?

Plan Your Retirement Well by Having a Pension Plan

It entirely depends upon the person himself how he plans for his old age when he will be having no source of income. Inflation rate, increasing every year, is pushing the price of all consumer goods and services towards the sky. If no step is taken in advance, it can be very disheartening for the person in his old age to seek employment opportunities or any other source of income

Promissory Note Investing: Buying or Originating a Note

Is it better to buy a note or originate one? Becoming a Lender. A Lender’s Two Options. Buying and Existing Note. Originating a New Promissory Note or Mortgage Note.

How to Secure You Financial Future by Saving and Investing

We’ve came across individuals whom consistently discuss their systems for early retirement, like huge savings accounts and other sources of income. We hear about other folks’ successes, we often experience competitive impulses that lead us to challenge ourselves and our own accomplishments. We race home and immediately try and establish strategies to reach those lofty goals, but we end giving up because the targets seem too difficult to surpass.

Why Baby Boomers Are Choosing Travel As Their Primary Strategy For Creating A Wealthy Retirement!

For many baby boomers, a home-based travel business is a very logical way to generate supplemental income, or a great way to start building wealth for retirement, and get all of the travel perks as well. See why this particular group of the population is flocking to this industry.

Promissory Note Investing Tips: Steps to Success

Smart Investors Plan for Success. Steps to Successful Investing–Planning Overview. Applying the Steps to Promissory and Mortgage Notes. Four Key Steps.

Start Your Own Insurance Business – In The Stock Market

The idea of generating residual income by owning an insurance company is appealing but can be risky. There is an easier type of insurance type business you can run with minimal risk by selling “portfolio insurance”. You don’t need any startup costs or special licenses to start your own business.

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