The Ramsey Show (October 28, 2021)

The Most Expensive Mistake People Make

It can be easy once you have put together your financial plan to just think it will run without any tinkering or adjusting over time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since nothing in the financial markets stays the same year after year, your financial plan shouldn’t either. Plus, things change in your life and you need to account for them, both now and in the future. Tax laws are always being revised that impact savings and retirement funds.

6 Things You Must Include in an SMSF Investment Strategy

As the trustee of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you are required to develop and Investment Strategy. An investment strategy provides the framework of which the nominated SMSF investment manager basis their decisions on.

Promissory Note Valuation Mistake: Fair Market Value Vs. Historical Cost

Overpaying Taxes and Fees Because of Valuation Confusion. Fair Market Value vs. Historical Cost. A Promissory Notes Fair Market Values are Usually Less than its Cost. Using the Wrong Value Costs Extra Money. Factors Affecting Promissory Note Valuation.

Critical Question: Who Taught Your Financial Planner What He Knows?

How can you determine whether a financial advisor is qualified to help you with your needs or simply a salesman out to sell you a product? Here is a great tip: ask not only what the advisor knows, but who taught him what he knows.

Convertible Promissory Notes – What They Are and How They Work

What is a convertible promissory note? What are the common elements of a convertible promissory note? Why are convertible promissory notes issued? Why invest in a convertible promissory Note? What is the conversion discount and how does it work?

Maximize Your Savings With A Retirement Plan

Most of us believe expenses reduce after retirement. However, soaring inflation and rising cost of medical care can leave less money in your pocket, forcing you to cut down on other essential expenses. With inflation running at 7-8%, your expenses will double every 9-10 years.

Advantages of Tax Lien Investing – How You Can Take Part Of It?

Remember a few years ago when you can buy more for less? Today, economic forces are making our life even more complicated. From the rising prices of basic needs, increasing number of unemployment to additional taxes for the middle and lower classes – life is getting harder every year.

Going Offline And Online: The Two Faces Of Tax Lien Investing

Almost all types of businesses and investments today are done in an entirely different manner than they were decades ago. Ranging from the simple to the most complex, they need hands-on approach. From setting up a shop, making transactions, buying supplies and making payments, you should see through every step.

Ideal Real Estate Investments for 401(K) Plans

The author makes a compelling argument which investment one should consider and why. With so many possibilities, Investors can be left with more questions than answers. This article will offer clarity and direction to the interested retirement plan investor.

Tax Liens, Deeds and Certificates Explained

Tax liens,deeds and certificates? Have you heard of these? For some, it is but a complicated topic that needs no further intrusion. While for some, this is a vehicle towards financial freedom. To begin with, these enable investors to make serious money by buying distressed properties from delinquent taxpayers. Though not considered as real estate investing, it offers one of the superior returns on investment.

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