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Retirement Plan Ideas For The Self-Employed

Self-employed workers have the same retirement needs as anyone else, and maybe they have more money to invest and deduct. The problem is that they don’t have a beneficent employer who offers carrots in the form of retirement benefits so they have to grow their own. Below are a few ideas.

Escape The Retirement Trap

The article explains the reality of a world where people that worked for 40 years or more will find it increasingly difficult to afford their lifestyle on retirement. The notion that you can rely on government initiatives or retirement annuity vehicles is a false one. The best solution is to have multiple streams of passive income that will sustain you and your family for as many years as necessary.

Pension Annuity and Some Important Details About It

The pension is one of the most important areas which you need to consider when you are approaching your post retirement phase. A healthy and steady pension can always help you lead a secured and safe life. There are numerous feasible and lucrative pension plans which are available these days, select one to make your retired life a happy one.

Make Investing Right for You With Your Rules

We all want to retire when we want to and when we are ready. The key decisions are made by us. Make sure you take the time to invest in your plan.

Help Your Employees Save for Retirement

As a small business owner, one of the greatest benefits you can provide to your employees is a way for them to save for their financial future. Offering a retirement plan is an important part of the total compensation package that helps you compete for and retain talented people.

Unpredictable Retirement Risks

Every stage of life brings with it a number of new challenges. Retirement is no different and there are several unpredictable risks.

Avoid Overpaying Taxes & Fees – Promissory Note Valuation

The Fair Market Value of a Note is Less than its Cost. Investors Beware. What Causes the Over-payments? IRS Fair Market Value (FMV). How to Avoid Overpaying Taxes and Fees.

Retirement Planning Services Help Decide Where You Will Live Once You Retire

When hiring someone to help you with retirement planning services, finances are typically given the most focus in deciding what to do once you retire. But relocation and planning for living arrangements is just as important. Here are some tips for planning housing for when you retire.

Know When To Start Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is something that everyone should do. Deciding when to start can be confusing to some-here’s what you should know.

Why Constantly Updating Retirement Projections Is Vital

New retirement projections should consistently be created to reflect changing circumstances. While short-term fluctuations in retirement plan outcomes should be anticipated and not cause an over-reaction, long-term implications should receive attention and be addressed.

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