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Appraisal of Promissory Notes – Who Needs It?

Understanding How and Why. Traded Assets vs. Non-Traded–Understanding the Difference. Who needs Appraisals? Definition of Value. Valuation Methods.

Promissory Note Investing: Understanding the Basics

Learn the Fundamentals and Avoid Unnecessary Losses. Investing Basics. Understand the Borrower’s Attitude. Understand the Borrower’s Financial Condition. Understand the Collateral Security.

Promissory and Mortgage Note Investing: 10 Foolish Blunders

Typically, we are told what to do to succeed. This article reverses that approach toward investing education; this article will focus on “what not to do.” This reverse approach should catch your attention and protect you from making costly errors that ding your hard-earned savings. Protecting your nest-egg should be your top investing priority. The 10 Foolish Blunders presented here are based on my over 35 years of experience in the promissory and mortgage note business.

Investing in Promissory and Mortgage Notes – Profitable Advice

Valuation is at the heart of every investment decision. There are numerous valuation types: market value, fair market value, wholesale value, retail value, personal value, replacement value, and liquidation to name a few. The type of valuation needed determines the type of appraisal required. As an investor, the value to focus on is “Fair Market Value.”

10 Common Misconceptions About Pension Plans

Rise in frozen pension, failures in work pension schemes, low interests rate, and the pressure of day-to-day living in austere times have all been blamed for the lack of interest in company pension plans. But many people’s decisions to snub the pension pot are based on misconceptions about both pension plans and about the post-work economic landscape that British people can expect when they reach retirement age. Below are ten of the most stubborn of those misconceptions…

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Dollar Amount Goal For Retirement

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the retirement analogy of how much money you need to retire. As in, what is YOUR number for retirement? In other words, how much money (the actual dollar amount) do you need to retire with. I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my hands around this concept.

How Confident Are You About Retirement?

Last week, my husband and I met with our financial planner. Yes, even though I am a Certified Financial Planner, I still have my own advisor. It keeps my husband and me disciplined.

Promissory Note Swindles: Seniors and Church Groups Deceived

Fraud and Swindle Targets.Senior Citizens. Church Members/Affinity Groups. Inexperienced Investors.Get Rich Slowly. What Bait do the Swindlers Use Trick Investors?

Calculating the Cost of Healthcare Expenses and Inflation in Retirement

Healthcare Costs and Inflation in Retirement… An examination of how your Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses, Medicare, and Social Security work together. HealthCare Costs in the USA today have spun out of control. Everywhere you turn… Annual double-digit price increases are now the norm. Obama Care and HealthCare Costs dominate the headlines. However, the Financial Services industry in 2014 continues to overlook a significant threat to your future comfortable lifestyle: Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs.

Why Underwriting Is Crucial for Life Insurance

Have you ever wondered how a death benefit is determined in a life insurance contract? Whether or not you choose a term life, whole life, or universal life insurance contract, every contract comes equipped with a tax free death benefit, otherwise known as a face amount.

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