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What Problems Are Being Created by the Federal Reserve System?

Have you ever wondered how Congress can just keep raising the National Debt limit without any immediate implications? The Federal Reserve System allows for the Legislature to create incredible amounts of bonded debt which isn’t felt for years. This is good for legislators, but not for the public.

Trust Deed Investing for New Investors and/or Retirees

Hello Everyone, I created an article yesterday to help individuals who are just starting to think about investing their hard earned money or for retirees who are looking to place the money that they now have access to, into higher returning investments. It is important to realize that risk isn’t a bad thing, and that it doesn’t mean you will lose all or even some of the money you invested. Instead, it can represent how likely you are to get the return on investment you expected. It is definitely and important read and well worth it for novice investor or an individual looking for an alternative investment vehicle, which in this case is Real Estate Trust Deed Investing. Hope you like it and let me know what you think!

The Paradigm Shift That Altered The Odds of Investing

Looking at a chart of the S&P 500 index from 1960 to 2013, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the early 90’s was clearly an inflection point of some new trend-setting phenomenon or paradigm shift relative to investing. In my opinion, this is the point where the rational investing paradigm of old morphed almost overnight into the irrational speculative paradigm investors have all witnessed the past 20 years.

Promissory Note Types: Common and Specialized Types

Each type of note is a specialized tool-Learn to use the right tool for the job. Retirement and Investment. The Common note. The Self-amortizing real estate The Self-canceling installment note mortgage note. The Balloon note. The Commercial note. The Cognovit note.

A Brief Guide to SMSF Investment Strategy for Beginners

Want to invest in self managed super funds, but don’t have any idea about the same? This article describes the investment strategy of SMSFs, which will give you a succinct guideline about SMSF investment strategy. Read it to know more.

Promissory Note Valuation and Appraisal: When Needed and Why?

Why valuations are needed. Who uses, needs, or requires note appraisal reports. Specific types of promissory notes. Upon what rules and guidelines are promissory note valuations based?

Where to Invest Your Retirement Money

Smart investment is the key! And choosing the right investment plan/scheme would help to achieve this motive. With the motivation to help people better understand the various schemes and their compatibility with your investment needs, here, I have explained some of the most popular post-retirement investment options in India.

Is An Annuity In Your Future?

Annuties have been around as a financial planning tool for as long as money has needed to managed. The stability of an annuity has made it an attractive planning tool. Annuities are all about guaranteed income and predictable results.

Promissory Note Investing Mistakes – Avoid Predictable Traps

No Short-Cuts to Good Investing. Some of the most common mistakes investors make are. Being Unaware of the Difference between Price and Value. The Bottom Line.

When, Why and How to Sell Your Promissory Note

Selling Your Note for Maximum Cash. When is the best time to sell a promissory note? What are your options? What are some of the benefits of selling a promissory note? What are some mistakes to avoid?

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