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The Calculus of Retirement Saving

I am often asked, “How much do I need in order to retire?” One million? Two million? There is no simple answer. But this is a very good question. Essentially, each person’s answer will depend on a variety of factors.

Retirement Around the World – Belize

Welcome to our continuing series of articles on Retirement Around the World! Next stop: Belize! Belize has been getting a lot of attention lately as a retirement haven and it’s not hard to figure out why…

What’s My Promissory Note Worth?

An insider’s guide to promissory note valuation. We don’t live in a risk free world! Exactly what is fair market value? How is fair market value determined? What valuation factors are evaluated when appraising a promissory note?

Don’t Blindly Believe Promissory Note Valuation Fables

This article will make you money and save you grief. How do we determine value? The IRS’s definition of value (Fair Market Value) of a promissory note is: The $5,000.00 face value note is worth what a willing buyer will pay How do willing buyers determine what they will pay? What service does a qualified note appraiser provide?

Retirement Around the World – Mexico

Welcome to our continuing series of articles on Retirement Around the World! Next stop: Mexico! Being our close neighbor to the south, many Americans enjoy moving to Mexico for retirement because of its climate, culture and proximity to the United States. Mexico offers everything from big cities to small towns to everything in between. The country has a long and interesting history making it a fun country to explore.

How Much to Save for a Retirement With Dignity

Here is some information on what you need to retire in style and also some of what you should be putting your money in for security reasons. Too many people put off thinking about this for too long. Retirement comes and then they end up with a nasty surprise since they never took it seriously.

Design Your Life After Retirement

It is a common thing for people to worry about their life after retirement at one point of time. With the increasing cost of life, it becomes difficult to sustain our current lifestyle when there is no source of income. Therefore, it is considered smart to start looking for an alternate career that can last even when you are retired, and continues to provide you sufficient income without having to spend too much of effort behind it.

Estate Planning Using Self-Cancelling Installment Promissory Notes

Self Cancelling Installment Promissory Notes—SCIN. What is a self-cancelling installment promissory note? Who determines the value of a self-cancelling installment promissory note? What are the benefits to the parties?

Want To Retire Within 5 Years But Short On Savings? Make A Plan!

Far too many of us are caught short when it comes to retirement savings. Often, we don’t realize it until we’re not that far from retirement – perhaps only 5 years away. Take hope: a plan can make it happen.

Estate and Gift Tax Information for the Average Family

99.86 % of Estates Owe No Federal Estate Tax. Who makes the rules? Who is responsible for valuing gifts and estates? Fair Market Value Defined-Charitable Donation and Gifts. Who is affected by estate and gift taxes? Small family-owned businesses and farms myth.

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