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iPhone Insurance – I Dropped My iPhone in My Drink

There’s nothing worse than showing off you new iPhone when it is accidentally dropped into someone’s drink. Not only is this a tad embarrassing, more importantly, your iPhone is unlikely to work again. If your phone is accidentally damaged, and you have insurance on the phone, the costs of any repair works or replacements are covered.

iPhone Insurance – When Should I Insure My iPhone?

Are you the proud owner of a nice shiny new iPhone? Playing around with the settings and uploading your favour songs may be first things you do, insuring your phone is certainly not the first thing that springs to mind on your list of things to do. However there’s nothing worse than getting a brand new iPhone and it braking, or getting lost or stolen.

iPhone Insurance – Get a Replacement iPhone Within 48 Hours

There’s nothing worse than if your iPhone suddenly stops working. Equally, if your phone gets damaged or even stolen. However, it can be a big relief to know that you’re insured. With our low-cost mobile cover, you’ll receive a replacement handset within 48 hours of a successful claim.

Safety Tips For Fire Pits – Protecting Personal Property

Fire pits are beautiful and heartwarming. As more and more homeowners are adding outdoor rooms to their home, the use of pits and outdoor fireplaces has grown in popularity. No wonder; who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a fire with friends and family to enjoy some memorable summer fun?

iPhone Insurance – I Dropped My iPhone Down the Toilet

Okay, it sounds like something from a comedy. But, if it happens to you, it’s no joke! It’s also surprisingly easy to do.

iPhone Insurance – I’ve Lost My iPhone

It’s one of the worst things that can happen; you go into your pocket or bag only to discover that your iPhone’s missing! This can really ruin your day, especially when you’re going to have to find enough money to pay for a new phone. They’re certainly not cheap to replace.

iPhone Insurance – My iPhone Screen Has Broken

The screens on an iPhone are pretty tough. However, with enough force they can break. Usually you’ll notice a very obvious bleeding where all the colours on the screen have leaked, almost like paint has been spilled over the screen. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, it’s fixable.

The Benefits of iPhone Insurance

iPhone insurance gives you complete peace of mind and allows you to enjoy yourself without worrying about your phone. There’s nothing than having to constantly check your pocket to make sure your phone’s ok. Insurance means that you’re fully covered for accidental damage which includes liquid damage and also theft.

All About Insurance Premiums

Almost everyone has heard the term “insurance premium” and the vast majority of Americans make regular premium payments to one insurance company or another. But many people have no real understanding of what exactly a premium entails. Here is a brief explanation of the process.

Essential Information When Insuring Your Camera

We take our camera everywhere, and it is always the busiest places – so you need to consider your insurance coverage. Planes, trains, and autos, they go where we go and endure the treatment we put them through. It is nice to know yours is insured!

Why Would You Need Land Insurance and What Does it Cover?

If you own a piece of land then should anyone get injured on that land then they may decide that it is your fault as the land owner and try to claim money from you either for their injuries or damage caused to them. As it is a type of Public Liability Insurance then for there to be a claim against the policy the person who was injured would have to prove that the land owner was the reason for their injuries either by not looking after the land properly or by allowing there to be things on the land…

Family First – Contents Insurance For Care Homes

When a beloved relative moves into a nursing home it can be a stressful situation for the entire family. To help to make them feel more at home it’s important to make sure their belongings are safe.

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