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Could PPI Claims Help You Pay Off Your Debt?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a very profitable sideline for lenders. In fact, lenders make more money on PPI than the interest they charge on the loans and credit cards the insurance protects! For every £100 a lender charges for insurance on a loan or credit card, there is an 85% chance a claim will never be made by a customer, so they get to keep all of the money.

Some Important Things to Consider When You Next Need To File a Property Insurance Claim

In order to maximize the amount of money you receive in a property insurance claim, you need to know what you should be providing to the insurance company. Here are some important steps a Public Insurance Adjuster will take for you, which you can also do should you decide to file the claim yourself.

Insurance Issues – The Principles – Part II

Gross profit is defined as “the amount by which-(i) the sum of the amount of the turnover and the amounts of the closing stock and work in progress shall exceed (ii) the sum of the amounts of the opening stock and work in progress and the amount of the Uninsured Working Expenses”. The uninsured working expenses effectively amount to the variable costs of the business, but can be wider if the insured wishes. This item specifies the items which the insured does not wish to cover.

Insurance Issues – The Principles – Part I

The overall guiding principle is that a reduction in turnover (i.e. sales) following an incident giving rise to damage is a suitable yardstick by which to measure the proportionate effect of that damage upon the earnings of the business insured. The actual loss can be ascertained from the reduction in turnover by applying the rate of gross profit to the reduction in turnover. These are two key elements of business interruption insurance and it is necessary to look at them in more detail.

Insurance – Property In Loss – Part I

In fact some all risks policies exclude “property in transit” unless otherwise endorsed, frequently for the payment of additional premium. In those circumstances, it is necessary to identify the risks covered by the word “transit”.

Insurance – Property In Loss – Part II

The transit insurers argued that they were entitled to a contribution from the property insurers. It was accepted by the transit insurers that the temporary storing of the goods fell within the all risks transit policy.

The Smart Guide to Smart Phone Insurance

You have just bought yourself the latest mobile phone and it is singing and dancing with technology and then the thought creeps in ‘what if I drop it, or if someone steals it, or it falls down the toilet’? Fear not, that is where mobile phone insurance comes in.

Should I Insure My BlackBerry?

If it’s just been stolen, you may be thinking “Why didn’t I insure my BlackBerry?” You could also be thinking that it’s probably not worthwhile insuring your new one because you couldn’t be so unlucky again.

I Don’t Want to Insure My iPad

If you really feel like saying “I don’t want to insure my iPad” then fair enough – nobody’s going to make you! However, you may want to think briefly about what the effects of that sentiment may be a little further downstream.

Choosing iPad Cover Insurance – FAQs

Here are a few FAQs relating to iPad cover insurance.Can I insure my iPad? Yes. This form of insurance is part of what some insurance providers call gadget insurance protection.

BlackBerry Insurance – FAQs

BlackBerry insurance may end up being extremely important to you. Here are some FAQs to help explain.

The Most Expensive Antiques of 2010

Antiques are items that are many hundreds of years old and are desirable due to their rarity, beauty or because of another unique feature. The most popular and collectible antiques include; furniture, dolls and other childhood toys, and stamps. This takes a look at some of the most expensive antiques of this year.

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