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Considerations for the Best Accounts Receivable Financing Company

Your inability to choose the best accounts receivable factoring company for your business can significantly impact your profitability in the long term. The key to success with accounts receivable financing is to select the right business partner to work with. Take your time, shop around and benchmark the various companies against each other to pick the best partner for you.

How To Double Your Money Every 7 Years Safely – Mortgage Note Investing in Your IRA Account

Here is how to double your money safely. Mortgage note investing is an excellent long-term investing plan. This is not rocket science.

Many Happy Returns As KiwiSaver Turns 5

On July 1, KiwiSaver will turn 5. By then it looks as if we’ll be just short of two million members with a total of about $12 billion in retirement savings accounts. That sounds like quite a success story and far exceeds the early predictions for the scheme, although Treasury studies remain unenthusiastic about KiwiSaver’s contribution to lifting national savings.

Your IRA Account May Be Subject to Unnecessary Taxation

Are you aware that if IRA account values are too high major tax problems are presented? Are you aware that assets in your IRA account may be valued too high? Are you aware that “Fair Market Value” may be much less than “Book Value”?

Private and Independent Investing

Private Investing can be accomplished dependently or with the help of advisors and traders. If an investor has a high level of sophistication, independent investing is an excellent consideration where costs are minimized and competition is very limited. Risk is sometimes reduced due to cost reductions compared to publicly traded investments. Conversely, the lack of regulation of private ventures is sometimes considered to cause a higher level of risk for institutional investment funds.

Retirement Planning – The Three Biggest Mistakes

Retirement planning… the three biggest mistakes none of which relate to investment advice. When retirement planning, most folks look first at their investment accounts… They should be paying attention to other options. Listed below are the three biggest mistakes I see retirees make…based upon 18 years of retirement experience.

Small Changes To Start Living A Debt Free Life

Lastly, living a debt free life does not mean that you have to forgo all of things you enjoy in life. It means that you have to learn to save, curtail your spending habits and work diligently towards the goals that you have set. Entering into this mindset will allow you to acquire most anything you need without having to borrow on credit.

How To Retire In The 21st Century?

I liked the way my mother retired years ago and that was selling the big house in the city and buying a smaller house in a country town for about a quarter of the price and living off the difference and a pension. Doing something like that these days could be quite difficult as selling a big house in the city for a large sum is not easy. But you could still look into it as houses in the countryside are still cheap in some countries.

Retirement Planning for Couples

Cooperation is the key to successful retirement planning for couples. Many couples get themselves into trouble because one spouse or partner handles all of the investments and retirement planning. This is a terrible mistake because at some point that individual may not be available to take care of those chores.

Private Number Plates – Are They a Worthy Investment?

Buying personalised number plates for investment is certainly not a new idea; some of the most in demand plates have been sold in recent years for eye-opening prices. The exclusive nature and appraised values of many private plates seemingly makes them a good choice for investment, right? Search eBay or some of the private plate specific sites on the internet and there is a direct correlation between profit and number plate sales, some of the closing prices on eBay for private plates are not only surprising, but for the potential investor, they may serve to validate the notion of investing…

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