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Retirement Communities Are Catering to Many Interests and Activities These Days

During the past decade, retirement communities have undergone a makeover to provide more diverse amenities to cater to active, social seniors. Learn more about the changes seen in these places by reading on.

Why Are Most Promissory Notes Discounted? Promissory Note Discounts Explained – Part One

Many note holders are shocked when they learn that the resale value of their promissory note is less than its unpaid principal balance-it has a discounted value. Its real value is what it will sell for. The actual, real value of a promissory note is not what is stated on its face.

Review Your Retirement Strategies

As you approach retirement, many important decisions await you. If you have a qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan, whether it is a traditional pension or a defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k), you will have to decide how to manage the proceeds from the plan once you retire.

Ideas For Good Investments

Passive Real Estate Investing with a ROI of up to 70%. Sell your income-producing properties at a discount and get returns higher than if you sold at full price. Real Estate is a Win Win Win for everyone, and YOU are in control of your future.

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits for Married Couples

Retirement Planning should be built upon a solid foundation. Social Security is that foundation for most Americans, it gets very little attention in regards to retirement planning. This can be a huge mistake especially for married couples. The difference between a good Social Security election decision and a poor one can be well over $100,000. Whether you are married or were married, having the correct information could help you make the right decision. This could be the most valuable decision you make before you retire. Remember, you only get one shot at getting it right!

Why You Need Bonds To Secure Your Financial Freedom!

Everyone knows that you need to invest in the stock market if you expect to grow a nest egg for your financial freedom. But many people shudder at the thought of buying bonds. Come and learn why bonds play an important role in your freedom.

Step One and Step Two – To Retire on Your Terms

One of the unfortunate side effects of spending a little too much time watching some great college basketball recently has been the overexposure to the accompanying commercials that I suppose are required to finance this annual spectacle we refer to as March Madness. Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard that I perceive a high percentage of these advertisements to be related to financial planning – and more specifically planning for retirement…

Did You Know Your 401K May Have Hidden Fees?

Most expert advice on financial planning for retirement includes a discussion of 401K plans. However, a recent American Association of Retired Persons survey revealed that 71 percent of participants in a 401K plan believe they do not pay any fees, while 62 percent reported they don’t know how much in 401K fees they’re paying…Many 401K plans are loaded with hefty fees which are completely hidden from participants.

Promissory Note Appraisals for Estates and Probates

Settling an estate or administrating a probate is a stressful job. Who needs the appraisals? Why are Appraisals Needed? Billions of Dollars are Involved.

The Free Note Appraisal Trick – Know When You’re Getting Tricked

You are taking a leap in the dark? The free note appraisal trick. Know when you’re getting tricked. Promissory note appraisals.

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