The Ramsey Show (September 29, 2021)

Keeping Stock Market Performance in Perspective

The stock market has enjoyed an extended period of strong performance that dates back to the end of the last bear market in early 2009. While no one can predict the future, market strategists and analysts are suggesting that we could see some additional market volatility in the months ahead. So how do investors keep all of this in perspective while trying to manage their portfolios?

Being Financially Stable

If saving for a retirement is a struggle, imagine yourself if you lost your job. More and more people really take care for their own retirement security in order to avoid unnecessary financial burdens.

Investments That Pay Well In Retirement

Most think of money when investing for retirement but there are other things that will pay much better when addressed when young. Chief among these is health and teeth. Education comes in third and, of course, family must be number four.

Forget Social Security: Start a Kiddie Roth

If you’re at or near retirement, you’ll almost certainly get the Social Security benefits you’re due under federal law. But what about your grandkids?

Want to Build Your Net Worth? A Two Concept Approach

Increasing your nest egg may seem like a difficult task. Read this post to learn two factors which will propel your net worth upwards.

The Thinking Person’s Retirement Choice

A recent study found that most American retirement savers let the system decide for them how much to save based on the tax rules and their employers’ whims. But the interesting fact is that they do so regardless of the type of savings vehicle they use… with remarkable results… results that provide a fascinating free lesson in retirement planning.

Social Security Mistakes Will Impact Your Retirement Planning

Social Security maximization is an integral component of retirement planning. It is often the most misunderstood and overlooked component and can have the largest impact on retirement dollars.

Three Things To Do Today To Improve Your Retirement Planning

There are a number of things that make a person break into a cold sweat, but perhaps one of the more underrated ways to cause stress is thinking about planning for the future with an emphasis on retirement planning. It seems odd that planning for the amount of money you have for future use would cause so much havoc simply because we tend to be big fans of money. Still, there seems to be a negative cloud that surrounds all that is planning for retirement.

Ladies, Do You Know The Three Threats To Your Retirement?

Do you know the threats to retirement. Many are unknown, but three should be planned for: Inflation, Real Rates of Return, and Life Expectancy. You have a colorful retirement ahead of you. But you have to plan for it!

Start a Plan for Retirement (Level II to Financial Freedom)

Retirement is the first goal you should tackle after handling your bad debt because you want to add small amounts of money over a long period of time. You need your money to have a chance to compound over time. So, you need to start a retirement account as early as you can, preferably in your 20’s. The earlier you start, the more time your money has to compound and the easier it will be to retire with enough money.

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