The Ramsey Show (September 30, 2021)

Prepare for the Real Costs of Long-Term Health Care

Long-term care insurance premiums have skyrocketed in recent years. Fortunately, there are strategies you can adopt to cope with rising insurance costs.

5 Ways You Can Motivate Your Spouse To Take Retirement Planning Seriously

Society as taken any type of planning for the future and almost cast it in a very dark & dreadful light. Retirement planning has fared no better, and the unfortunate result is that many people don’t plan ahead. Certainly this poses problems for an individual, but when it comes to couples planning for retirement, the results can be disastrous.

7 Things Everyone In Their 30s Should Know About Retirement Planning

“Hindsight is always 20/20.” The truth is we usually hear it when we look back with regret at certain actions in our past. Perhaps the one most notable regret many individuals have is not having done enough retirement planning when they were younger.

The IRS Retirement Loophole

Retirement for many is not a pretty picture, especially if you add in health care. Fortunately, there’s a “hack” you can apply to existing tax regulations that might allow you to a poverty-stricken retirement.

Compounding Is The Best And Least Time Consuming Strategy

We all have busy lives, finding time to manage our investments is something you may not have time for. Some people would say ‘i don’t have time’, and will not invest. Huge mistake! The biggest threat to your income in retirement is NOT TAKING ACTION. In a COMPOUNDING strategy, one of your best ‘allies’ is TIME. The longer you are invested, the bigger your account becomes.

Compounding Your Way To Retirement Using A Savings Plan

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have enough money at retirement is to start a regular savings plan as soon as possible. TIME,YIELD and CONSISTENCY of DIVIDENDS are the three key reasons that COMPOUNDING works so well.

The Ongoing Debate – “To ROTH or Not To Roth”

For many workers (especially those that are self-employed) that do not have access to a 401(k) plan at their employer – IRAs (Individual Retirement Arrangements) are still a viable way to save for retirement. However – unlike the ease of payroll deduction at an employer that offers a retirement plan – those that are meet their own payroll must show more discipline in getting the funds from their “business checking account” to their own IRAs. (I am very familiar with this challenge.)

Lump Sum Pension Options Are Growing in Popularity

Over the almost 30 years I have worked in the financial services industry – I have evaluated a bucket full of lump sum pension options for clients and contacts. The most valuable caution that I share with folks is their need to answer a very personal question – how disciplined they are. When someone takes a lump sum from their previous employer’s pension plan – they now must exert a level of discipline that they may not be used to in their lives. When retirement funds sit in an employer’s account – they are often difficult (if not impossible) to get ones’ hands on – there is no “ATM Card” that come with employer plans.

Finding Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Among the biggest challenges facing investors today is generating growth while managing market volatility and low interest rates. Achieving these goals can be daunting, given the issues confronting economies around the globe in recent years. Investors who are looking for diversification and growth in this environment may want to consider adding emerging markets to their investment mix.

Will the Election Impact Markets and Investments?

What drives the stock market? Quite often, it is fundamental factors such as the strength of the economy and its impact on corporate profits. At other times it is affected, at least in the short term, by external factors that can upend investor expectations and drive markets in a positive or negative direction. One of the most obvious external factors that might come into play for markets this year is the upcoming presidential election.

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