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The Truth About PPI and Reclaiming

What does PPI stand for and what is it? PPI stands for ‘Payment Protection Insurance’; it was created as a premium insurance policy which will help a borrower repay certain loans (such as credit cards, mortgages and other loans) in the event of loss of work due to illness, injury or unemployment; the premise in itself seems like it would be ideal for most people in these unstable financial and employment times.

Calculating Your Personal Property Value For Home Insurance

When shopping for home insurance, you will generally be asked to provide an estimate of the value of your home and its contents. To help ensure that your home and assets are adequately insured, here are a few tips to help you when calculating the value of your personal property.

Wedding Insurance For the Most Important Day in Your Life

Organising a major wedding event can be expensive and if anything unforeseen happens on the big day you will expect to be compensated for your time, effort and money. This article explains the benefits of purchasing Wedding Insurance to protect you against the unexpected.

Why Consider Buying Unoccupied Property Insurance

Property owners should know that having a property lying vacant makes it a target of unwanted perils. After investing a large sum of money in purchasing the property, they may not be in a position to occupy the same and may have to leave it vacant. In such cases the property will be exposed to natural and unnatural disasters, which can strike at any time.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

When buying something as important as an engagement ring, it always makes sense to get some kind of insurance for it. Engagement rings are both a monetary investment, as well as an emotional one.

Secure Your Stuff With Home Contents Insurance

It’s a good idea to opt for home insurance for adequate home cover which will provide you hassle free protection from damage and destruction. This kind of insurance will compensate you if your possessions are stolen or damaged. Less than 65% of households have building insurance leaving the remainder exposed to huge bills in the event of property damage.

Ways to Get Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance is an insurance which covers the household items which are inside the house. People say that the household contents are as important as the house itself. We have many things in our house which we can’t do without. They are a part of our everyday life and routine. Many times the household items get damaged or worn out with time or might get lost due to some reasons.

Your iPhone And iPhone Insurance

Nobody wants to run into a problem with their iPhone – but if you do, having iPhone insurance may help you avoid it turning into a crisis. It’s been a long time since the market went as wild over a gadget as it did (and still does) over the iPhone.

Your iPad Insurance

You may be understandably both proud and a little in love with your iPad. However, that may not be the case if it’s in a thief’s hands or is in 150 pieces on the floor. In such situations, if you haven’t taken out iPad insurance you may wish that you had.

Phone Insurance – Minimising the Inconvenience of the Unexpected

If your life seems to revolve to a great extent round your mobile phone, it may be sensible to consider the benefits that phone insurance could provide for you. Phone insurance may be able to minimise the inconvenience that you experience if you had to do without your phone for even a short period of time.

Tips on How to Get Liability Insurance For Your Hot Dog Cart Business

Did you know that not having proper insurance can ruin a business financially? If you take the proper precautions outlined here you will be very well prepared for any hardship that may arise.

How to Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

The most common ways to cancel private mortgage insurance (PMI) are two, but both of them are relying on your payment of at least 20 percent of the principal on your loan. This is simply because lenders feel concerned they won’t recover their investment in case a loan provider defaults just before reaching that repayment threshold.

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