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Is An Annuity Suitable For You?

Are you considering getting an annuity? If you are at the brink of retirement and are awaiting the release of your pension fund or have sufficient savings in the bank, an annuity can be one of your financial options. To know whether it is the right one, though, you might want to ask yourself a few questions first.

Self-Direct IRA Investing – Prosper With Promissory Notes

Promissory note retirement investing can be an important tool in your retirement planning. Promissory note investments have been around for a long, long time. In fact, promissory note investing was around way before banks were invented!

Why You Must Learn to Invest, Then Learn to Trade

Do you want to improve your trading? You will be hard pressed to find a trader who is not also an investor, but not all investors are traders. It is important to make the distinction between trading vs. investing.

Offshore Pension Funds and Currency Exposure

Before you build your edifice, be sure of the ground beneath your feet. The geographical distribution of assets such as equities, bonds and property has taken a more global path in recent years as pension funds seek to spread their risk. As a result, the currency exposure of assets under management has become an increasingly important factor in the investment equation.

He Says Florida, She Says Florida

Seems like I’m not the only one thinking about where I want to retire. We Boomers are all thinking about it, if not arguing about it, all the time. It might be that we’ve just had enough of this long, hard winter Or it might be that we desire to flee to tax-advantaged states. A whopping 81% of us will move to more favorable cost of living areas. Many of us will move just to be closer to our grown kids and our grandchildren. Or to better healthcare. But one thing is clear: we are not staying put.

Planning Retirement From the Army – 4 Ideas to Live Comfortably

While there are many people who are afraid of going into retirement, there are also those who look forward to it. In fact, there are several who are already planning retirement from the army even before they reach this age. One reason for this is because they are looking forward to something that they can do once they leave the army.

The Basics of Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing is a new investment opportunity presented by the gap between loans large banks are willing to make after the mortgage crisis and opportunities real estate investors want to take advantage of due to fix and flip possibilities due to foreclosures and short sales. This article aims to provide a guide on these kinds of investments.

A Break From the Doom and Gloom: Pension Incomes Actually on the Rise

Whilst incomes are squeezed, pension incomes are on the rise in the UK. With interest rates so low and the economy still sluggish, those approaching retirement may be surprised to learn that income from personal pensions is fairing better than expected. Strong returns on investments and rises in the rates available for annuities, mean that income from personal plans is currently at its highest for two and a half years.

How to Make Your Savings Last in Retirement

On average, we’re living longer. Which is good news. But the trouble is that living longer means that we have to eke out our pension savings for longer as well. Here are some tips to make your savings last in retirement.

Tax Free Municipal Bonds Worth It?

Tax free municipal bonds offer a means of investing without having to worry about paying taxes on the bond. They are known as municipal, because you buy them from a municipality. The municipalities include states, towns, schools, and cities. They are always federal tax exempt and may or may not be local and state tax exempt depending on where you live an where you buy them. There are two major types of these investments; general obligation and revenue. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed carefully.

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