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Inflation Hits Retirees Hardest: How Can We Prevent It?

It is pretty sad when you turn 65 and you have to continue to work a day job to make ends meet. We all would like to retire and enjoy our time off without worrying about having enough money to survive on. Inflation has hit retirees the hardest.

Snow Plowing In The Rear View Mirror

Frank is tired. He’s tired of working. He’s tired of the responsibility of plowing critical parking lots in the winter. He’s tired of getting up every hour or so on nights when it’s snowing. He likes to work and keep busy but he’s ready for a new chapter in his life. He does not want to plow snow any longer.

What You Need To Know About Tax Free Bonds

Tax-free bonds, when compared with corporate investments, have turned out to be less risky investments than several others because there is no need to pay a number of state or federal taxes. Also known as municipal bonds, these bonds are very lucrative opportunities for monetary gain for the investor who is eager to invest in projects that come with no taxes whatsoever. But there is a lot more to these tax free investments than what meets the eye, which is why it is important to take an analytical perspective with regard to tax free bonds. Here is an informative guide on tax-free bonds and what they are generally about.

Grow Your Savings With Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Many people do not see the advantages of bonds because in general the interest is taxed as ordinary income which can be up to 35%. This is more than twice the maximum for stock dividends which is 15%. Investors, however, can avoid paying federal taxes altogether on interest by buying municipal bonds. Additionally, if they buy them from in-state issuers, that is, local or state municipalities, they can avoid state and local taxes as well. For high income people the use of these type securities is a great tax planning tool.

Something You May Not Know About Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Did you know that if an employer wishes to offer employees participation in a Roth 401k plan they are required to make a traditional 401(k) plan available as well? Well, to be a little more precise, the requirement of the traditional plan comes into play when employers make matching contributions. These matching funds must go into a regular plan which can then be rolled over into a Roth.

Tips to Plan for a Proper Retirement

Planning a proper retirement starts with a well disciplined saving plan. Think about it at the early stages of your lifetime so that you can retire peacefully. Believe it or not, everything is going to depend upon how seriously you take up saving money right from the beginning of your career. Don’t forget to save money for tomorrow’s peaceful living.

Retirement Redefined

For as long as I can remember myself working with clients on retirement planning, the word “retirement” has been banned!! Yes, clearly banned from the conversation. It was always replaced with phrases such as “second career”, “dream job”, “favorite pass time” but never retirement. You may wonder why I am so adamant about this. Well allow me to explain.

Three Simple Words For Retirement Success

In every single crisis, investors that held through the crisis came out better than those that panicked, cashed out and stayed out. Investing your wealth for retirement is like building a giant snowball over a lifetime. Keep rolling it along, wherever life takes you – through jobs, marriage, children, layoffs, new jobs – don’t stop rolling, and it will get bigger.

Retire Sooner Rather Than Later

What do you need to retire? Here is a hint. If you have enough you will never worry about it again!

Retirement Money – All That It Can Afford

Retirement money is what can really help you plan and live a fruitful life in the later years. Setting aside money for retired life will not just help you maintain the lifestyle that you have always lived, and also enable you to live a life filled with dignity and self worth.

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