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Comparing Super Funds

If you have seen the Industry fund television advertisements you would be familiar with their catch phrase, which states that ‘low fees can make a life time of difference’ and they are not wrong, but they are only half right. In fact most people start by comparing fees and returns when appraising the performance of their super fund. So what features should you compare and what do you get for what you pay?

How to Choose a Trustee Or Personal Representative

The person who oversees your estate after your death and during the probate process is known as your personal representative. That person can also be known as your executor. It is essential to choose personal representatives carefully because they will be the primary target of anyone who harbors animosity, disdain, or disappointment regarding the way your estate is probated.

Financial Planning for Retirement When You Start Late

The hardest part of sticking to any financial planning for retirement is keeping your eye on the ball when retirement happens to be so far away and there are pressing needs right here, right now every day. Today’s unexpected expenses always seem a lot more urgent than falling short 40 years down the line.

Seven Basic Things to Consider As You Plan Towards Retirement

Planning for your future retirement is a must for every paid worker. It requires diligent and careful analysis of what you plan to spend the post retirement life doing.

Promissory Notes For Building Wealth Gradually – Part Three – What Are The Rewards?

This article will highlight some of the upside-the rewards-the benefits that promissory notes can provide. Let’s talk about the good stuff-the gains and the upside.

Promissory Notes For Building Wealth Gradually – Part Two – What Are The Risks?

To be a winning investor you must know the risks. This article will focus on examining and explaining the risks.

How Much Is Your IRA Or Qualified Plan Deduction Worth To You?

Government-regulated retirement plans – such as your IRA or your company plan at work offer you tax-deductible contributions as an incentive to use them to save for your retirement. But how much is that tax-deductible contribution really worth to you? That’s what this article is all about.

You Can Save Faster With Tax-Deductible Qualified Plans in 3 Ways

If you’re trying to beef-up your retirement savings in just a few years, use tax-deductible qualified plans (including IRAs) to do so. In this article I outline why they can give you the most benefit for your contribution efforts.

Three Ways to Save for Your Retirement

The standard income recommendation for a retired individual is 80% of his or her income before retirement. This income amount is lower than the pre-retirement amount for several reasons.

Conservative Options Trading Through Writing Covered Calls

Are you looking for a way to protect your stock portfolio or individual stocks within it after a recent run-up? Or, would you like to create an income from your existing portfolio, in addition to any dividends you may be receiving? You may know of stock options as a risky investment where one puts the money towards a highly leveraged position in the hope of tripling it in a couple of weeks. There’s a lot more to options trading than that however; knowledgeable investors of a conservative persuasion (often retired people with portfolios built over decades) sometimes use option writing, or selling, as a way to protect gains or to incrementally increase overall portfolio returns.

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