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Appraising the Checkbook IRA LLC – Part One

A self-directed IRA account that is the owner of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), is a tax-advantaged retirement account. It allows the account holder to pick his own investment assets. The investments selected need not be traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

How to Retire – Protect, Grow, and Leverage Money in Spite of Market Volatility and Tax Elevation

This is an article about retirement. With Market volatility and tax elevation, it is becoming more and more necessary to have outside the box thinking, aside from traditional planning (401k, IRA, Mutual Funds, etc.).

Promissory Notes – Tools for Successful Investing

Investing correctly does not happen by magic. You need the correct tools. In addition to having the correct tools, you have to learn how to use them.

Retirement Investment Planning: What You Need To Know

Apart from the home you live in, your retirement investment is probably the biggest lump of money you’ll ever be creating. And although it seems a dull as ditchwater subject – especially if your retirement date still appears to be on the distant horizon – it really is important. Even seemingly small differences now can make a big difference to your future. So it’s worth spending a bit of time getting the details right.

Good News For Plan Participants! (Are You Ready for Fee Disclosure?)

In second quarter 2012 a new regulation under ERISA Section 404 is scheduled to take effect and you and millions of other 401(k) participants are going to start seeing their retirement plan statements in a “whole new light”. This regulation will require plan sponsors to provide more information about the fees you are charged in your retirement plan accounts. For the first time (for most of you), specific expenses and fees associated with your plan will be on full display on your Quarterly Statement. The question is, are you ready to see them?

The Euro in Wonderland

Consider a currency that begins with the letter E…… For over a year now it seems like the Euro has fallen down the rabbit-hole. Politicians in Brussels appear to move from one surreal chain of events to another. One minute everything is upside down, and the next we are all back on our feet again.

Inclusive Tips to Retirement Planning

The home is an investment that we have already talked of. While taking care of a need, you are also investing for the future. There are other options like these which can work well for you. Investment in gold is another such, which is sure to fetch you greater returns with time.

Planning, Patience, Partnership: Three Steps For Maximizing Investment Performance

Partnership is about professional advice. Planning is about the establishment of goals. Patience is about thinking long-term. Making all three work together successfully is the key to consistent investment success.

Plan to Retire With a Fabulous Nest Egg?

Retirement planning is important for your future. Getting the right retirement advice is critical. You should know the ins and outs about pension plans, 401k’s and Keough plans and more.

Asset Allocation Basics

In investing, what exactly do we mean by the term ‘asset’ and how does it differ from stock market ‘sectors’? And what is the difference between a ‘static’ and a ‘dynamic’ asset allocation model such as Asset Rotation?

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