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Bridging the Gap – An Insurance Rider

We had what I would call an “eye-opening” discussion with a customer regarding their insurance policy. They, like all of our customers, work diligently to achieve the life style they want, and value what they own.

High Value or Just Old – Value of Personal Property

Do you have some “old stuff” laying around the house? Do you have a lot of artwork?

The Reason Why We Can’t Afford To Not Acquire Insurance These Days

Mobile telephone insurance is one the most important thing nowadays. Why is that? Because almost everyone in the face of this planet owns a mobile phone and with the increasingly high theft rate nowadays, the chances that your cell phone could possibly be stolen has increased to an all time high.

Opting for Land Insurance – Good Choice We Say

The advantages that come along with landlord insurance are a plenty for you as a landlord to benefit from. Though as a landlord you may think of other issues to be more important to face, but mind you don’t forget your insurance.

Get Your Rented Space Covered and Safe With Landlords Insurance

Congratulations on finding a new tenant, he is all nice and will pay your rent on time. So now you think there is nothing to worry or bother about, apart from paying your taxes and homeowners insurance on time. Well let us inform you, that just by renting out your property to a trusted tenant who has come to you through a trusted source is just not ENOUGH, you need to secure that rented space as well, do this by getting landlords insurance today.

Why Every Landlord Needs Landlord Insurance

You should never take for granted the need for landlord insurance. In this day and age it is important if you are a landlord to have this insurance, for your rented space. To buy such a policy would mean to protect and safeguard your property and interest, God forbid there is an untoward incident in the near future or if there is a disaster or calamity as well. Here as a landlord you would be compensated for by the proposed insurance company on the damages incurred.

Firefighters See the Need for a Personal Property Inventory

A career firefighter who has served for more than 12 years has a unique perspective when observing the homeowners and business owners after they’ve experienced a fire. He has seen how destructive fires can be to homes and, more importantly, to people’s lives.

How to Save Yourself From Mis Sold PPI?

Mis sold PPI is one of the major concerns that have hit the whole world badly. The article discusses on the points on how the worldwide financial customers are duped in terms of securing wrong PPIs, and thereby helping them to be cognizant about the entire process.

Basic Facts About PPI Claims

Many a time’s customers are deceived by dishonest lenders or insurance providers, when they take out a loan or mortgage or apply for a credit card. They are forced to buy PPI policy without even knowing what it covers. In these cases, the buyer can file mis-sold ppi claims and get back the money along with interest. This article gives an insight into what PPI is and how the reclamation procedure takes place.

Personal Property Inventory – If Not Now, When?

Mention a personal property (home) inventory and you’ll hear “I can do that myself,” or “I have a camera,” as reasons people don’t hire a service company to create this important document. These statements are completely true.

Some Most Common PPI Complaints

PPI covers any borrower against unemployment, sickness, accident, death or such other situations that prevents individuals from earning, through which they could have actually repaid their debts. However, all these don’t mean that the PPI is without any limitations or complaints. In this article we will deal with some of the most common PPI complaints.

Points You Should Know to Evade a PPI Mis Selling

Much is heard in today’s world about the concept of PPI mis selling. Also known as credit protection insurance or loan repayment insurance, Payment Protection Insurance, better known as PPI is basically an insurance policy that is aimed towards providing a cover for outstanding debts. PPI acts as an add-on facility that is served along with the loan to cover the borrower against any unforeseen events that may him or her from serving the debt.

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