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Tasty Blackberry Insurance

OK, so the title is a pretty poor pun and not very funny – but then again, the subject matter of BlackBerry insurance isn’t hilarious either. It’s not easy to chuckle as you contemplate potential disasters to your precious BlackBerry that you may have saved up hard for – but such catastrophes are always possible.

Appraisal Clause – Insurance Claim Dispute

Virtually all property insurance policy contracts include an appraisal clause, which can be invoked if there is a dispute between the policy holder and the insurance company. The most common reasons for invoking the appraisal clause is the settlement amount.

PPI Charges Could Double Your Monthly Payments

Payment protection insurance (PPI) could actually be a valuable safe net for anyone that has a family, home, and expenses. PPI was created with the idea to help borrowers or credit card holders help repay monthly payments from 12 months to 24 months in the event they were unable to work. The problem which has been occurring is a large number of companies have mis sold payment protection insurance to customers.

What Lenders Are Paying For PPI Mis-Selling

An alarming increase of complaints against mis-sold PPI’s over the last couple of years has prompted investigations on various lenders who are now paying for having practiced insurance mis-selling in some form. Loan companies in the UK have been fined for up to several millions and others are moving to institute new administrative actions on account of the issue.

Making a Claim On Camera Insurance

Imagine how you would feel if your camera was stolen. Who would you turn to? What would you do? Your feelings may include fear if you were mugged or burgled, anger at the thief, and perhaps panic about how to replace your gadget.

Protecting Your Inheritance With a Specialist High Value Home Insurance Policy

In order to avoid under insurance it is important that you obtain an up to date valuation for any paintings or antiques you may have inherited. If the items are extremely valuable you will need to ensure that they are fully protected under a specialist high value home insurance policy.

The Basics of a Property Insurance Policy

The insuring clause may state that the policy will cover all risk of physical loss or damage (or both) in respect of property identified in the policy, although many policies may simply state that the policy covers loss and damage to the property without identifying types of properly but thereafter excluding certain classes of property. Another phrase common in the London market is “damaged or destroyed”.

The Changing Nature of Property Insurance – Part I

All risks insurance has been with us for a long time and been used to describe a multitude of differing types of insurance including contractor’s all risks and all risks transit insurance. In this article, however, it is intended to focus our attention on All Risks Property Insurance (from now on called “ARPI”), which has developed more recently. It is purchased particularly by large corporations and is sometimes described in the US as “Jumbo Risks”.

The Changing Nature of Property Insurance – Part II

Companies have asked the questions: “Do we need insurance? Why should we pay out a fluctuating premium each year dependent not on our own needs but the somewhat irrational dictates of the insurance market?” Of course, money can be made by clever purchases in a soft market, but large corporations really require predictable cashflow.

What Is Camera Insurance?

If you already have home contents insurance or a warranty for your camera, you may already think that your camera is already covered for the majority of things that may happen to it. However, you may wish to check those documents carefully. A manufacturer’s warranty does not last for eternity, and your contents insurance may not apply when the camera is taken outside of the home or because it is of high value.

How To Get Blackberry Insurance

Are you looking for blackberry insurance? Unfortunately, this kind of cover does not occur to some blackberry owners until it is too late. They may assume that their manufacturer’s warranty goes on forever, and or that it somehow covers the other things that you may expect from an insurance policy.

Fire Waiting to Happen – Why Dryers Are a Major Risk and What to Do to Save Your House and Family

Dryer fires are almost always caused by a build up of lint. Even though the lint screen is cleared away a large amount of lint gets pushed into the exhaust duct behind the dryer.

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