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What Benefits Are There With Sports Insurance?

If you own sports equipment then you may at some point have checked to see if they are protected by your home insurance. You might even have taken out a separate policy to insure that these are covered-but really the most important thing when you are participating in a sport is you!

When Carrying Real Estate Paper, Insist on Property Insurance

There are many items that need to be included in a real estate note. One of the most important to protect the buyer and the seller is Property Insurance. This article will provide you with information as to why it is so important to have property insurance in a seller financed transaction

A Road Map – 10 Steps To Use When Negotiating With Your Insurance Company After A Fire Loss

Can you imagine being on the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe on your families’ winter vacation and getting a cell phone call from your neighbor who is watching the fire department put out huge flames engulfing your home? I can only imagine the horror my CPA felt when she received that call in early January 2007.

Mobile Phone Insurance

There is a rising incidence in mobile thefts and with the proliferation of featured packed smartphones around, criminals are always on the lookout for stealing them, robbing you of your favorite gadget, not to mention the hundreds of dollar that you spent in getting this fancy piece. Though manufactures and independent companies have introduced software like mobile-tracker to secure these devices, the mobile phone insurance is the best way to make sure that you are compensated for any loss due to the stealing of your mobile phone. Insurance companies are tying up with leading mobile brands…

3 Tips to Help You Find Cheap Home Contents Insurance

A great many of us forget how important insuring the contents of our homes is. In fact most of simply don’t feel that getting it is all that important. That is until something disastrous happens, such as our home becoming flooded.

Protect You Mobile Phone With Mobile Phone Insurance Cover

Mobile phone insurance is regarded as a perfect option for the people who have costly phones with them. One can receive a detailed information regarding the mobile insurance cover by means of Internet websites.

Why Students Need Insurance

Sometimes students do not see the need to cover their belongings. Living on a shoestring is a standard part of college or university life and many young people who do not yet have full-time or decently-paying jobs can feel it is not worth spending a few pounds a month for insurance. They might also believe no burglar could possibly want their possessions, imagining them to be generally cheap and uninteresting.

The Dos and Dont’s of Jewellery Valuations and Insurance

First and foremost get your jewellery valued! I know its sounds like a no brainer but people tend to put this off.

Protect Your Home Contents Over Christmas

As the days shorten during the winter period and darkness sets in earlier in the day, the opportunity for potential burglars to strike increases. This is compounded by the fact that burglars know that there are likely to be high-value items in most homes during the Christmas period. This means that there is good reason to take measures to safeguard your house against any unwelcome visitors.

Golf Cart Insurance – Protect Your Investment

We don’t typically think about golf carts needing insurance, however you’d be surprised at how vulnerable you can be if you don’t have any and you should have an accident while at the golf course, or the lake or a campground. If you do have an accident either at one of these private places, or on a public road there is always the possibility that you could have an accident that could cause damage to someone else’s property or to them personally.

Why You Should Consider Diamond Engagement Ring Insurance

A diamond engagement ring is loaded with not only sentimental value but real monetary value as well. Protecting your investment is one of the smartest things you can do.

Engagement Ring Insurance – Some Simple Guidelines

You and your beloved have at last purchased an excellent engagement ring. It is precious and your jeweler has suggested you to buy a policy of engagement ring insurance. Expectantly your beloved is not an all-time careless.

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