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4 Steps to Follow If You Have Lost Your iPhone Or BlackBerry

Once you find cheap phone insurance for your blackberry or iPhone, you have found peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered for whatever may happen to your phone down the road. Losing your phone can be a pain, but if you do happen to lose your phone, you can follow the next steps:

How to Avoid Phone Insurance Fraud – A Tale of Lost and Found

The portable phone has now become a critical communication tool for many business people. Many can barely live without them if the phone becomes disabled, lost or stolen. Many elect to cover their equipment with cheap phone insurance for their iPhone or BlackBerry to have peace of mind. This is a very popular service that many take advantage of to ensure they can receive a replacement quickly and without much fuss.

Protect Your iPhone With iPhone Insurance Cover

The advanced technology that is available to consumers in iPhones is astounding. These mobile phones are allowing consumers the ability to multi-task for work or school projects.

Principles of Insurance

There are certain principles of insurance which could be followed A large number of homogenous units: A large number of insurance policies are provided for individual members. Insurance given against a vehicle to millions or some other insurances the existence of a large number of people allows the insuring giving companies to benefit from “law of large numbers” which is described as a result that is performed by repeating the same experiment continuously.

Cheap iPhone Insurance – How to Find It

Imagine yourself waking up on a Sunday morning after a night out on the tiles, and immediately reaching for your brand new iPhone to check if you have any missed calls from your mates. But then reality hits, you remember that your left it in the cab the night before. Then reality hits even harder. Your iPhone wasn’t even insured, as you refused to pay the extortionate high street prices. Bad move. Expensive mistake.

iPhone Insurance – 3 Top Tips

Did you know that iPhone insurance in the UK is a completely different ‘kettle of fish’ to anywhere else in the world? Usually the mobile phone tariff is set at a certain amount, and then the same ‘high street provider’ offers an insurance fee on top of this tariff. Well you can imagine my concern when I found out that the insurance costs were almost half the amount of the actual tariff for my new iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 3GS Insurance – Don’t Pay High Street Prices!

Have you checked how much iPhone 3GS insurance is if you purchase through your high street provider? I almost fell off my seat when they told me that it was 15 pounds per month. Crazy! That’s more than one third of my total contract price.

iPhone 3G Insurance – Why You Shouldn’t Use Your High Street Provider

Did you know that the high street providers in the UK charge 15 pounds per month for comprehensive iPhone 3G insurance? I couldn’t believe it when they told me – in fact I almost walked out of the shop there and then.

Personal Property Insurance – What Happens After a Loss?

This article is about tips that you need know when loss happen. Some people never face loss. So this article will tell if loss happen what they need to do for them to make a preparation.

Do You Need Travel Laptop Insurance? You Decide

Since you depend on this tool to keep you connected and working more efficiently, what were to happen of the little box suddenly disappeared from your bag or you accidentally dropped onto the granite floor in the hotel lobby? A situation that most of us hope never happens, but can occur in an instant.

What is the Best Way of Insuring iPhones? Top 3 Loopholes!

Are you sick and tired of having to pay ridiculous rates when insuring iPhones with your local High street provider? Or have you not even bothered to insure your iPhone because you cant afford it? These are problems that I encountered recently, and I decided that I would not bother with insurance. After all the charge of £15+VAT per month was almost half of my monthly tariff! Crazy isn’t it? Well anyway, that was a bad decision as I lost my iPhone twice within a 6 month period. Please guys, don’t make my mistake!

Apple iPhone Insurance – Top 3 Loopholes

Apple iPhone insurance is definitely a pretty touchy subject for me. After all, I lost two brand-new iPhones within a two-month period, and guess what, they weren’t insured. I couldn’t believe it.

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